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Have you ever wondered what a ministry's theology of giving might be? Yeah, we have too!

You can read our ministry's thoughts on giving by clicking here.

AFM's Theology of Giving

Refugees have once again started to arrive in Sicily and with their arrival, we will once again be helping to provide Bibles. With the news of the day, we know that more refugees are being added to the total around the world. Italy is seeing an influx of Ukrainian refugees that are arriving with little more than a suitcase (if that much). We know that 100,000 refugees are arriving in the United State in the near future. We would like to provide Bibles in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

We have had a request for Bibles for Nigerian refugee churches in Florence Italy. They have committed to sending 50% of all Bibles they receive from us back to Nigeria. Nigerian believers in Africa cannot afford Bibles but their refugee brethren in Italy are willing to provide the transportation back to Nigeria.

We need Bibles for our ministry partner in Cuba. There are 24,000 house churches with an average attendance of 20 people per house church. More than 50% of these churches have no Bibles. Not even the pastors have Bibles. We have provided funding for 2000 Bibles. But we need thousands more!

In India, in conjunction with Christ Evangelical Missions, we once again are providing Bibles. Of the 1.21 billion people in India there are 360 million live in poverty (some report as many as 931 million live in poverty). Most believers can not afford to buy a Bible. The annual median per capita income in India stood at $616 US. With the cost of a Bible in India being $3.00 US, it is a major investment for the average person, let alone someone below the poverty level.

It is only through the contributions of individuals and organizations that this ministry can continue to reach out to ministries here in the United State and abroad.

Your contribution will fund travel expenses for Dr. Prest and fund specific projects such as providing motor bikes for Indian pastors to help reach remote villages with the gospel.

Ancient Future Ministries is a non-profit organization that filed for 501c3 status. with the federal government. As such we can offer tax deductions for your contributions upon acceptance of our application.

If you would like to contribute directly to our Refugee Bible Project if you would like to provide Bibles to refugees fleeing from Africa and the Middle East.

Please make your contributions out to: Ancient Future Ministries and send them to:

Ancient Future Ministries

14963 Park View Ct

Sterling Heights MI 48313 USA

Or you can donate electronically by clicking the donate button to the right. We accept electronic banking or credit cards through the secure servers of Paypal. (You do not have to be a Paypal member to use their service.)

Delivery of Bibles to

African Refugees in Sicily

New Refugee Believers

with Dr Val and Giuseppe

Bible and Tract distribution at a refugee camp in Sardinia. Hundreds waiting to receiver a copy of the Bible in their own language,


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