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How do I get involved?

The first way you can get involved is to pray


Pray the dangerous prayer – “How can I help further God’s Kingdom through this ministry?

Then simply obey what God indicates you should do!


From a practical aspect, we need funds for the following projects


Bibles in foreign languages for refugees and for some of our impoverished believers in second and third-world countries who don't read English.

Some of the languages we have been asked to provide are: Spanish, French, Arabic, African languages: Amharic, Tigrigna ) for Somali. Tamil, Bengali for India. Syrian, Farsi for Iran-Iraq, Urdu for Pakistan, and Pashto for Afghanistan


MP3 Players for refugees who can't read. We have the ability to load MP3 players with audio translations of the Scripture in the refugee's native language.


$3000-$5000 for mission trips for next year. Val has been invited back to one the few Comunist countries in the world, Sicily and Sardinia to continue strengthening the local churches and to help minister to the refugees on these islands. He has been asked to return to India to train pastors and future pastors. The funds are necessary for travel, lodging and supplies.


Additionally, we need operating funds


These funds help us develop and provide training and discipleship materials as well as necessary ministry expenses. 

Your Funds at Work

Pastor GJ Pramod Kumar

on his new motorcycle

Delivery of Bibles for the refugees in Sicily.

Thomas (Director of ELIM), Dr Val, Pastor Daniel (refugee himself), Missionary Giuseppe Collesano

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