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Messages & Podcasts

Below are a few messages and podcasts that Dr. Val has presented. Click on a title and view the message online.

God's BFF David - The Forgotten Friend

Third in a series of four messages on becoming a friend of God

The Good, The Bad, and The Rich

We explore the interaction of Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler from Luke 18:18-27 A message delivered at Renewal Church.

Stubborn Stains of Life

Leprosy like sin cannot be healed. But both can be cleansed by the power of Jesus Christ. A message delivered at Eastside Community Church.

Lessons From The Clay

What can we learn from a visit to a potter in ancient Jerusalem? And what does God teach us regarding the process of throwing a pot spiritually? A message delivered at Eastside Community Church.

Who's My Neighbor?

Who is our neighbor and are we really supposed to help them? A message given at Eastside Community Church.

Weekly Podcast

Check back each week for a new podcast of a live Bible Study

Spiritual Warfare

An interview with a Nigerian refugee who had physical and spiritual struggles to overcome to reach Sicily.

Time To Grow Up

Why do we have trials and tests in our lives? This message was given at an English-speaking Nigerian refugee church at the Oasis of Grace in Castelvetrano, Sicily.

Video Review of Mission Trip to Sardinia & Sicily

Photos of Bible distribution and teaching refugees in Sardinia and an excerpt video of worship portion of African refugee church.

Excerpt of Gospel message to refugees in Sardinia

There are two interpreters on-screen (and another off-screen translating into Bengali). The young man in the middle is a Muslim who not only heard the Word of Truth but also translated it into his tribal tongue so his friend could translate it into French.

Abraham's Idol

A message given at a Men's Breakfast on the subject of idols in our lives and how to overcome them.

Acceptable Sacrifices

An excerpt of a message delivered in Siracusa Sicily with the help of my good friend Giuseppe Collesano missionary to Sicily.

Interview on Lumen Christi

A 2015 interview with Sandra Timco host of the Lumen Christi Cable Show about the need for Bibles being met by Refugee Bible,  a ministry of Ancient Future Ministries.

Help For Refugees

My partner in Refugee Bible, Giuseppe Collesano's latest video about refugees arriving in Sicily.

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