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Refugee Bible

In 2014 Europe was inundated with refugees from the Middle East and Africa. AFM was asked if we could help meet the needs of people arriving on the shores of Italy with only the cloths on their backs. Stuck in camps for 18-24 months with nothing to do we were asked to provide Bibles.


Bibles delivered to  refuges 

Our first Bibles arrived in Scicly and are distributed to refugees


Bibles in many languages

We have provided Bibles in English, French, Arabic, Pasdu, Urdu, and a number of African tribal languages.

Bibles for Refugees_edited.jpg

Begins to deliver Bibles to Latin America (Central America and the Caribbean)

In 2019 the Cuban government permitted us to bring in 2000 Bibles. When they arrived, we were not allowed to remove them from the docks. After two years we finally received permission to move them from the dock.


Spanish Study Bibles

We are working with over 11,000 house churches. It soon became apparent there was a need to Study Bibles. Most pastors have never had any formal training in theology or Bible study techniques. 


God Promise

God promises that His Word will not return to Him void. We have provided more than 25,000 Bibles to people in Europe, Africa, Central America, and now the Caribbean. 

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