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Baptisms in Sicily!

I had the great pleasure of being in Sicily and helping to deliver the first of the Bibles your contributions supplied to the refugees this past Fall. During my travels around the island and through the mountains we stopped at the small mountain town of Geraci. Giuseppe the missionary who was my guide and translator for the trip, wanted to stop and get a drink in the town at the local fountain. Being some 3000 feet high the water was colder than at sea level.

While we were there we met a refugee sitting beside the fountain and Giuseppe engaged him in a conversation. G found out that there were quite a few African refugees living in the town. We promised that we would do all we could to come back with supplies and Bibles. I never was able to get back there but later that day we met with Pastor Kurt in the town of Castlebuono. While we were there we shared about the need in Geraci. Pastor Kurt and his church had begun working with refugees in their town and offered to join Giuseppe in beginning a ministry in Geraci a town that was about 45 minutes away up the mountain.

Jumping ahead several months and the end of January 12 new followers of Jesus Christ were baptized in testimony of their faith and trust in Christ and his death burial and resurrection on the cross.

Being obedient to Father's leading has helped pant and water and here is some of the harvest that the Holy Spirit has produced. Thank you for your support of this minsitry! You have helped 12 more souls become members of the Kingdom of God.

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