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Civil Disobedience for Christians

Civil Disobedience

Is it right for Christian to disobey the government, if so, when and regarding what? We should never asked – Is it popular? Or Is it safe? Instead we should ask – Is it right?

In other words – Is there clear Biblical teaching for the stand we are taking? Is the Word of God on our side in our stand against governmental authority?

Examples of Biblical Conscientious Objectors

Jewish Midwives – Exodus 1

Moses Parents – Hebrews 11:23

Daniel – Daniel 1:6

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego– Daniel 3

Peter & John – Acts 4 & 5

Jesus Christ – We are commanded to imitate Him 1 Peter 2:13-25

Biblical Principles

• Clear Word from God that could not be questioned (not just following some selfish personal whim of their own)

• Biblical convictions permeate every area of their lives (not just the convenient areas or select areas). Everything one does with a conscience toward God because they belong to God. 1 Peter 2:9. It is easier to have confidence in a person’s unpopular decisions if a person’s entire life is controlled by a godly conscience.

• When defying governmental authority, it is done with respect and courtesy

• Use the defiance to lovingly witness for Christ.

• Protesting injustice always involves sacrifice and suffering and must be motivated by love for God and others.

“God’s people must be careful not to clothe their prejudice in the garments of “righteous indignation” and pass themselves off as courageous soldiers of conscience. We must examine our own hearts honestly to make certain we are not conducting a “holy war” just to satisfy inner frustrations.” - Warren Wiersbe

After prayer and reflecting on these examples and principles I believe you will have your answer and a road map of how you should proceed.

If you would like to read further on this subject check out the following:

Suggested Readings

Christian Manifesto – Francis Schaeffer

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – Eric Metaxas

Lex Rex – Samuel Rutherford

Writings of John Locke

Writings of Mahatma Gandhi

Writings of Martin Luther King Jr.

God's wisdom on your journey

Dr. Val

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