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Be Careful What You Pray For

Two years ago I had a dream of starting a non-profit organization to use Biblical principles in propagating the Christian faith and advancement of God’s Kingdom. I envisioned accomplishing this through education, motivation, involvement, and support of pastors, staff, churches, and missionaries.

At the time I knew that I did not have the means or the mechanism to accomplish this grand idea without the help of our Lord. So I decided to leave it in the Lord’s hands and told him that if and when He provided the means I would found this new ministry. Two years later the Lord did exactly that!

At times I’ve felt like I was backing into obedience. I had made a promise two year ago and now God was calling for me to live up to my promise. I really don’t have a problem putting my promise into practice but the only way that this is going to be successful is if Father leads and provides for this infant ministry.

I chose the name Ancient Future Ministries for this ministry to describe the journey that I have been on for the last decade. Robert Webber, my friend and mentor, coined this concept as it applies to our understanding of the faith of the early church that once again resonates with the postmodern society, a society that is becoming more and more prevalent today. The society that we find ourselves dealing with is not the modernistic society of our parents. Rather this post Christian society of America is much like the society the early church found itself striving to reach in the first century, a society that is predominately non-Christian, multicultural and poly-religious.

In this blog I hope to address areas of interest in the church, family and society at large from a Biblical perspective. My hope is that you will find this blog to be informative, occasionally humorous, and from time to time even thought provoking.

Come join me on our journey

Dr Val

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