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My Aha Moment

Have you ever had one of those Aha moments?

While raising funds for Bibles one of our faithful friends said wouldn’t it be great if those contributing could be involved with the distribution of some of the Bibles we are providing for the refugees from Africa and the Middle East. It was like God nudging me to expand my scope of ministry by offering to lead a group with me to Italy.

While talking with my good friend and compatriot Giuseppe Collesano of Act Now Ministries I knew he had a passion to reach the Island of Sardinia. The Evangelical churches are very small in number of churches and members. From what we have been able to determine there are about 50 local churches. The largest church has about 50 people in attendance. Additionally there are about 50 refugee camps on the island.

When I spoke with G about bringing a team he asked me if we would consider ministering not only on Sicily and Sardinia. I said sure (I guess). This was going to be a new experience for not only the group but also for me. A new place of ministry and being responsible for leading a group to this new place has been a bit of a stretch for me. But Father often seems to enjoy stretching my faith and dependence on Him.

So in less than two weeks a team of five intrepid guys and one prayerful leader are traveling to minister to local churches and refugees who have fled their homeland seeking a new life. We are hoping to introduce them to that new life and our Savior.

Please pray for us and those we come in contact with!

Dr. Val


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