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We Reached Our Goal!

We Reached Our Goal!

Three years ago Giuseppe Collosano, from Act Now Ministries, and I met for coffee in a local Panrea Bread. He shared with me the burned he had for the refugees arriving in Sicily and need he had for Bibles.

A year previously God had allowed me to launch Ancient Future Ministries. It had grown out of the ministry I had been doing overseas and the desire to advance God’s Kingdom wherever and however He led. We had just finished raising funds for a motorcycle for a pastor in India to help him expand his ministry reach and we were looking for a new project.

I told G that we could help with the project and asked how many Bibles he thought he could use. He said 10,000. I said OK but in my mind I thought “Yeah right!” Two and a half years later we have raised funds for 10100 Bibles most have been sent overseas and a few are still in the pipeline. God never ceases to amaze me!

So now what?

We need another 10,000 Bibles!!!

Refugees continue to arrive on the shores of Italy and the need continues to grow!

Will you help?

You can go to our donate page or ;

All for the KIngdom

Dr Val


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